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Consultation along with your significant one to solve couple issues.

Recommended for:

Pre-marriage couples. These are couples who are about to tie the knot. The session will navigate the differences in the partner’s family values and expectations, unloading each other’s baggages before it gets heavier & affects the marriage later on.

Marriage or relationship  burnout couples. These are couples who have flatlined or are bored by being too long in the relationship, with a relationship that has become sibling-like. The session will address the root cause of the disengagement and focus on healthy ways to respark the chemistry.

Affair recovery couples. These are couples who are involved in feelings of betrayals and infidelity. The session will look at the relationship to see if there are unmet needs that are going unaddressed and various healthy ways for both to move forward.

Note: The length of the treatment will necessarily vary from one individual to another. Essentially, the treatment duration should always be matched appropriately to the nature and severity of the person's difficulties. Acute difficulties usually require fewer treatment sessions than chronic conditions.

For Couple

Rp 7.500.000 3

(you save Rp1.200.000 compared to ordering individual sessions @Rp2.900.000/session)

This package includes:

1st Session

1 hour session: Individual consultation with you (partner A) to address concerns & goals from your perspective.

2nd Session

1 hour session: Individual consultation with your partner (partner B) to address concerns & goals from his/her perspective.

3rd Session

1 hour session: Combined consultation with both you and your partner, aligning your concerns and goals to wholly understand each other.

All 3 sessions can be scheduled all at once in the same day or separately.


Break free from parent and child toxic pattern and create more healthy relationship.


Private consultation will explore your constellation with more depth and focus by using wooden dolls, visualizations, and hands-on excercises.